TrueData-CVM : Cell Voltage Monitor

Cell voltage monitor for fuel cell and battery

TrueData-CVM is a powerful cell voltage-monitoring device. It is specifically designed to measure single cell voltages within fuel cell stacks or battery-packs. The TrueData-CVM has many beneficial features. Its compact design allows the operator to place the unit close to the stack therefore shortening the cable length, and in turn, reducing distortion and improving accuracy.

All Input channels are electrically de-coupled. Sampling time is less than 2 ms per channel allowing high speed data acquisition. Data transfer to the PC is either done by RS232 or Ethernet interface (LAN). For fast data transfer rates TrueData-CVM uses an IP-stack and our TrueData-protocol (tdp) optimize to handle a large volume of data. This is an important feature when measuring many channels in parallel.

Core of the tdp is an event-based algorithm. TrueData-CVM sends only new data, if the voltage of a chan-nel changes by more than the dead band value. This feature reduces the data transfer in the Ethernet for nor-mal operation and reduces the demand upon the computer.

Flexible, high-speed sampling rates

Due to the internal CF-memory card and using the TrueData-protocol a flexible high-speed sampling rate is possible. Depending of the memory card size this allows to sample data for a specific timeframe at higher rates than usually can be sending over the TCP/IP connection to the PC. This unique feature is an important advan-tage allowing to sample fast transients even when performing long-term measurements. In competitor's de-vices you need to set a fix sampling rate regarding the anticipated data volume. In this case you are not able to follow fast transients with appropriate resolution.

Besides data acquisition TrueData-CVM offers further data treatment and calculations as follows:

· Averaging

· Calculation of stack minimum

· Calculation of stack maximum

· Calculation of standard deviation

For these calculations each channel can be selected or deselected.

TrueData-CVM is available in different channel size configurations including 30, 50 or 70 single measure-ment channels. If a greater number of channels are required, the TrueData-CVM 50 and 70 can be cas-caded up to 10 devices resulting in 500 and 700 individual channels, respectively.

Standard design uses 26-pin SUB-D connectors with a predefined pin assignment. As an option, we offer user- defined pin assignment as well as alternative connectors.

TrueData-CVM cell voltage single voltage

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